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Hi, I'm Shanning Wan. I make handcrafted jewelry, websites and logos/icons. I believe in clean, elegant and minimalist design. I enjoy people-watching and collect colored vinyl records.

Recent Work

birthday site
photography site
startup site


Web Design and Development

Birthday Countdown

The 50th birthday countdown is a tribute to the 25th birthday of my dear friend Nick Pinkston. The site used Adobe Illustrator for the portrait icons, Google Maps API for mapping the location and JSON for defining the map style, and JavaScript for the countdown mechanism, etc.
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Web Design and Development


Farras is a mathematician who decided to give up his day job as an image process analyst and pursue his passion, photography full-time. He needed a logo, a portfolio site and a business card. He wanted to have his name as the logo and include the idea of pixelization. I designed the logo based on this inspiration and used the black and white pixels as a motif in the web and business card design.
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  • Site Screenshot
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Web Design Mockup Reel

including both web and mobile mockup in Adobe Illustrator

Web Icons Reel

icons and buttons made in Adobe Illustrator


Short Suit Productions

Short Suit Productions is a bilingual, agile production team. The logo is a bow tie which is what a person would wear with a short suit in a fashion sense. The bow tie consists of a play button and a video recorder reflecting the services of the production team, namingly production and post production. The bow tie stands alone in the T-shirt design, however a view finder is added in the logo to bring attention to the bow tie as if seen through a camera lens.



SponsorChange, a non-profit that helps graduates pay back their student loans by serving the community. The three disks represent sponsors, graduates, and organizations offering community service opportunities. The stacking disks indicate the nature of their supporting relationship and are shaped in the form of the C in the word "Change".


Farras Abdelnour's Portfolio


Pre-made Logo

QR Code Scanner App

The design is derived from the standard QR code pattern. It forms the letters Q and R. The green on black and font choice add a techy touch to the visual presentation.

Logo Variations

Logo Redesign for CUE Pittsburgh Magazine

CUE Pittsburgh Magazine is a LGBT Publication in Western PA. This set of logo variations experimented with many different styles: rainbow theme, cubism, miss print, color separation, etc.

Square Business Card

Farras Abdelnour's Portfolio

The design is inspired by squared pixels. The front of the card is incorperated into the website's homepage.

Leaf-shaped Business Card

May In Harbor Cafe

The cafe is located in the newly developed suburban Beijing where streets are not yet named. The challenge was to communicate the accurate location along with other elements of a standard business card, while following the existing branding direction. To solve this problem, I illustrated a map demonstrating the cafe's geographical location with relations to local landmarks on the back of the card. On the front of the card, icons are used to indicate the variety of services. The leaf-shape was inspired by the "branch" in the exisiting logo. The idea was to hang the "leaves" to a "branch" that would act as a business card holder, serving both aesthetic and functional purposes.


Personal Work

Resume In CSS

This resume is written in the format of CSS. CSS, Cascading Style Sheets, dictates the presentation of web contents. CSS is behind the color, layout, font, and many other visual aspects of a website. The designer fashioned her resume in the format of CSS to expose part of the making process of a website. My earlier version of this resume got mentioned in an article by a French blog about employment.

Class Work-Visual Design

class projects on using visual design to tell stories and imply ideas